How to remove unused firmware packages from Updates

  • Hi all,

    For a while now, at least 6 months, I've had some SUPER ANNOYING Update packages that are not even installed (or if they are, I didn't installed them.

    Its all Firmware packages that are not applicable to my machine, from AMD drivers, ti connectivity, Samsung MFC, ralink, myricom, etc etc.
    At the moment I have 20 packages like that and I don't know how to remove them from the list.

    I have OMV-Extras installed with the Repos enabled:, PlexMediaServer, Docker
    In Update Management settings I have both options disabled for "Pre-releases updates" and "Community-maintained updates"

    Any idea on how to get rid of them?


  • These updates come from Debian.
    Why not just install them? I assume most users do that.

    Because they fail since they are not applicable to the machine.
    I tried that in past.

    I lost patience and decided to go with SSH and remove them 1 by 1.
    Just so you know what I'm talking about, is this:

    1 of them I already removed, the firmware-adi.

    After removing them with "apt remove" they are gone from the update manager.
    This was just annoying something I didn't install (at least I dont think I did) and I had this for at least 6 months lol

  • But sometimes it depends on the sequence they are installed.

    Try omv-update from CLI or install them one by one. When one fails try the next one. When you are at the end of the list, start again.

    I've uninstalled most of them since I will never need them.
    The Linux ones managed to install in the end.

    Now the gui is finally clean :)

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