Cannot set security settings from Windows to a SMB share

  • Hi.
    I am deploying a new OpenMediaVault system.
    I created a new shared folder and a new SMB/CIFS share for it.

    I setup the shared folder ACL as following:

    • Owner: root (Read/Write/Execute)
    • Group: users (None)
    • Others (None)

    This is an administration share which should be accessible only from the administrator users.

    The group "Domain Admins" has Read/Write permission into User/Group permissions part of the ACL dialog box.

    I can access to it from my Windows client using an account which belongs to Domain Admins, but I am not able to change security settings and permissions directly from the Windows client, because I get an "access denied" error:

    Could you help me to find out where I am wrong?

    Thank you very much!

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