RAID-1 to RAID-5 or moving data

  • Hi,

    i'm currently using OMV 3.0 since a few month and i'm really happy with all it's features and configuration!

    But now a new question came up to me. I'm using 2x6TB disk in a RAID-1, and all data is on these /dev/md1. My space was eaten up in the last 2 to 3 month by TV recordings and DVD ripps.

    So i bought a third 6TB disk.

    Which possibilities are now valid?
    1.) remove one disk from the RAID-1 and build a new degraded RAID-5 with two disk. Copy all Data / Shares manually from degraded RAID-1 to RAID-5. => Do i have a possibility via webinterface to do this by only "one click"?
    2.) migrate my RAID-1 to a RAID-5 via mdadm and grow on the console, but this RAID-5 is not the same as a real RADI-5,... And i have the risk of data loss because of the long time during migration.

    Do someone have an other solution?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Safer version is always 1.
    Degrade raid1 ,user two disk for RAID5 degraded and then fast copy. I dont think you can do this in GUI.

    SAME ! It take time, but it wont screw your disk in case of errors

  • Re,

    Which possibilities are now valid?

    Always use Backup ... then you are save! Especially while/when using R1 ...

    Next is to use the switch "--backup-file=" and point it to an real HDD-directory (not tmpfs!!!), then you can migrate and grow in one step from R1 to R5!

    but this RAID-5 is not the same as a real RADI-5

    How do you get that? If you migrate from R1 to R5, mdadm will do a reordering, als well as all raid-controllers, so you'll have after finishing this process a "real" R5 ...


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