Not RAID but...? JBOD, disk pool, or rather file pool, cache-nas-server

  • HI,

    I'm new to OMV, and the questions goes for both OMV 3 and 4. If it isn't supported in 4 yet, I could use 3.

    I don't need RAID, I dont need the speed nor the data security. The NAS server is just a file cache for "large files" :D . If i loose some of the files, because of disk failure that is not a big problem. So for all the disk I put in the system, I like them to be added to one "domain" of for storing files. When the file is "uploaded" to the NAS, I need to be able to added it to a directory. And preferably all files in that directory should end up on the same disk. But witch disk, is just distributed among the disk, is handled by the system. Does such "raid" or disk system exist?

    (If I would add data backup/security i rather have two system that backup each other, and syncing data between the NAS-servers.)

    Newbie on OMV... not so new on hardware/software in general, started on the "14.400 bps"-era. Windows-guy, eger to learn more linux.
    - pfSense and OMV is my next thing for small office usage.

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