Access Problems

  • Hello everyone!

    I have a problem by accessing one of my shares.

    The procedure:

    - Create New Share
    - Set Priviledges for user named "user1" (in group adm, users) on that share to read / write
    - Enable Share via SMB to access from Windows

    At this time im able to access those shares normally via the user i created.

    But at the point when i start to copy files to this share via rsync using the "root" user, the share is not reachable anymore.

    So i believe this is the problems source.

    Can someone explain to me, what happens there and how to avoid this problem. Are there best practices. How do you guys copy files to your omw?

    Thanks in advance

    Cheers, Diggins

  • I think you need to provide more information.
    From where to where do you want to copy files using rsync? Within the NAS or from client to NAS?
    Did you set up a rsync job in OMV or are you using CLI?

    How do you guys copy files to your omw?

    From WIndows clients I use SMB/CIFS with SyncBack.

    Between one OMV and another OMV I use rsync.
    Rsync two OMV machines

  • Hi

    I copy files usually from Client to NAS and came across rsync. So i run a script on my client machine (scheduled) using rsync and connecting via root user which seems to cause that issue.

  • i just checked 2 shares with one another:

    The share which doesn't work anymore, after it gets data put in by "root", has all it's files owned by root - so in that case this is clear for me now. The other share which is functioning just fine, has the "right" owner and is accessible without problems.

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