Bad Gateway error after attempting to create an NFS share

  • After clicking apply after creating an NFS share, I was greeted with this error:

    After which, I could not SSH, access the web gui due to a Bad Gateway error. I was forced to manually reboot the system. Once the system was back up and I logged into the webgui, I reverted the changes and all seems to be fine. Upon attempting to redo the NFS configuration, I was greeted with the same error. This is remarkably similar to an error I had some time ago when creating a new ZFS dataset here: BAD GATEWAY in WebUI and ZFS pool is blank

    The error I received there was Failed to open file (filename=/tmp/bgstatus5TEgLM, mode=r). While not the exact same filename, it was still a problem within the tmp folder. Is there a correlation? I'm beginning to think I'm having php permissions specific problems.

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