No permissions and no password asked for

  • I have OMV up and running. I can now see it on my other PCs and Laptops. Syncovery can see it but FreeFileSyn can't. Syncovery goes through all the motions but doesn't actually copy files to nor from OMV. Now it gets really weird as I can't even use Windows to move a file nor folder from Data Drive One to Data Drive Two on the OMV Server using Windows Drag and Drop copy, it errors out saying Permission Denied Try Again but never asks for a password it just always fails. The only thing I have been able to do is copy a file off a USB Stick plugged into a USB Port on the OMV using the CMD Line in a Terminal Window after SSHing in. I have run through all the troubleshooting sections in the Wiki and the Forum. Samba shows that it is up and running. Another Forum Member believes the FreeFileSync issue is that I have the latest version of that which required Debian 9.

    Thoughts, suggestions, ideas, comments?

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