I need a install tutorial for Odroid XU4

  • Hi all I'm new hear. I dont know what OMV I'm using only that it was the lates download.(feb/9/18)

    Fairly new to linux also.

    After making img on sd card and booting up and loging in with admin/openmediavault I get this screan.

    And this is as fare as I can get. I cant figer out how to install and it dosnt stat my ip !

    I googl'ed around and cant find any tutorials on it.

  • write sd card
    connect xu4 to network
    turn on and wait for 20 minutes
    you can get ip address with the ip addr command
    go to browser on a different machine and go to the ip address.
    After that, watch the setup video - OMV Setup Videos

    omv 5.6.4 usul | 64 bit | 5.11 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.6
    omv-extras.org plugins source code and issue tracker - github

    Please read this before posting a question.
    Please don't PM for support... Too many PMs!

  • After I put in user/pw it keeps puting up the pikter I posted and not leting me typ the ip addr command !

    also do I have to use a ethernet or can I us a wifi dongel ?

  • Did you get the image from here?

    Make sure to read an understand the instructions on that page. Also watch the videos ryecoaaron has linked.

    In a nut shell the process is like this:

    • check your SD card with h2testw
    • burn the image on the SD card using etcher
    • boot your XU4 with the ethernet cable connected (no wifi!!)
    • wait for 20 min to complete the process
    • find out which IP has been assigned to your xu4, either

      • on your router or
      • from a windows computer enter ping odroidxu4 in the command prompt or
      • on the xu4 itself; to login on the xu4 your user is "root" and your password is "openmediavault" (without the ""); after login type ip addr
    • use another computer (e.g. windows computer), open a browser and type the IP in the address field
    • now you should see the login page of the webUI of OMV; type in the credentials "admin" and "openmediavault
  • I'm steal geting the same screan shot. Is thear a diferance from admin and root ? If so I dont know how to log in root !

  • Use admin to login in the WebUI (i.e. using a web browser).

    Use root to login in a terminal (i.e. Putty or with keyboard connected to the NAS box).
    As mentioned on the download page of the OMV image, login as root using SSH must be enabled in the WebUI first. If you have not done this, you cannot login as root.

  • I'm steal geting the same screan shot. Is thear a diferance from admin and root ? If so I dont know how to log in root !
    sory dubel post

  • Videos dont exzist. Thay r removed.
    I did try the root loging(on odroid) and got this after ip addr.
    Odroid is ethernet'd to my windows pc. Windows pc is using a usb wifi adapter.
    Yes img is from that sorce.
    Wen I try "ping odroidxu4"(on windows cmd) I get "Ping req culd not find host odroidxu4. Pleas checj the name and try again"
    Wen I try ifconfig(on odroid) I dont get much diferant..No ip adresis.

    Will I have more luck If I try to set up and ethernet OMV with one of my ubuntu's ?
    Do I have too conect it to router or can I ethernet it to a pc ?

  • Videos dont exzist. Thay r removed.

    Please check again. They are still there.

    Do I have too conect it to router

    Yes, this is the standard application (to connect the OMV box to a router).

  • "(Sorry about that, but we can’t show files that are this big right now.)"

    Bumer... what wuld you sujest for a nos that is up in my room not buy the router ? I need it to be acsesabul for a android phone's, ubuntu mate odroid, ubuntu mate pc, windows pc and a friend at a diferint network(internet).

  • after I setup ethernet and put the ip adress it just gives me the google search rezaults. no omv login web gui. Do I have to be on a pc that is ethernet to router with the omv server ?

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