Is it possible to create VM directory on the OMV system partition?

  • I bought a bigger disk with the aim of installing virtual machines. I installed the vbox plugin, but I can't add shared directory from the system partition (sde1) when I would like to add VM directory.

    Is it possible if I use the original OMV installer (openmediavault_3.0.94-amd64.iso) for the installation? If the answer is yes, how could I solve this? Which permissions should I set for the VM directory?


  • You can't use the system partition to hold shared folders in OMV.

    If you want to do that you need to repartition your drive with Gparted or similar:
    - Boot into Gparted
    - Resize system partition down to something like 16GB (should be more than enough)
    - Create another ext4 partition with the freed space.
    - Reboot in OMV and the new partition should be available for your data.

  • You can't use the system partition to hold shared folders in OMV.

    Sorry, but that is wrong. Not with GUI only but with a little bit of cli (console or ssh) it is possible.

    You can archive this with symlinks! I am running this setup and it works very well.
    Just create a new symlink in your volume pointing to a folder on your OMV system drive.
    ln -s /data/VMs /srv/dev-disk-by-label-vol0data/VMs
    After this create a new shared folder in OMV pointing to the folder. Perhaps you have to change ownership manually by chown vbox:vboxusers.

    Now you can select the shared folder in VirtualBox plugin.

    I am doing this because my OMV system drive is a big (at least to big for only having OMV on it) ssd.

    Despite that, you can also do, what Nibb31 wrote and repartition your OMV disk.

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