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  • Hello,

    I would like your advise on the the best solution how to define my storage.
    I currently run OMV 3 with 3x3TB drives with RAID5 file system ext4.

    I want to add another 3TB that I already have but also don't want to continue with RAID5 or with ext4.

    I want the flexibility to grow my storage in the future with larger HDDs (not the same size) but also to be protected in cases when 1 drive may fails.

    My data is mostly static as I store pictures, documents, and Video files.

    Please help me understand what are the options.

    Thank you

  • Hi,

    first question. Why don't you like to go on with Raid5 and ext4?

    You could easily add your new drive to the Array, do some automatic resync and you're good to go.

    On the other hand you have the possibility to change each of your 3TB drives with a larger HDD one after each other.
    I just did this step to change all my old 3TB to new once. Copy the data from the old 3TB to the larger on, mark the old as failed and the new to replace the failed once.
    This all happens with 2 mdadm commands :)

    On the other hand if you don't like raid anymore you could have a look at lvm.


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    Parallel installed: tvheadend 4.3

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    Please help me understand what are the options.

    Are you using raid because you can't afford to have the system down while restoring from backup? If being down for a few hours is acceptable, you don't need raid. Good backup is all you need. If each disk was formatted ext4 and you pooled them with mergerfs (unionfilesystem plugin), it would be super easy to add more drives. This is what I do. If a drive fails, the only files that would be inaccessible are the files on the drive that failed. To fix, replace the drive and restore the files to it. To make the restore easier, backup each drive individually.

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  • I can afford a downtime, but I’m not sure how exactly the mergers works. And what is SnapRAID all about.
    I experience today issues with Ext4 as there are repeating errors that are unable to be recovered. What is the recommended FS these days?

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