Removing a hard drive - best procedure to do so?

  • Hi All

    I'm running OMV on a HP Proliant 540L microserver which is running nicely but I'd like to swap out one of the hard disks and wanted to check the best way of doing so.

    I'm not using RAID so the disk is just mounted and with a few shared folders on it.

    My assumption is that I need to remove the shared folders before removing the disk so OMV doesn't try to find them and get upset when it can't? Do I need to do this individually for each occurrence of where it is shared ie SAMBA, FTP etc?

    Once that's done is there any thing else I need to do before I can safely remove the disk?

  • Yes, you need to manually remove all references to the shared folders that are on the drive.
    Then you can unmount the disk.
    Then power down the NAS and remove the drive.

    Excellent, shouldn't be too hard then.

    Anywhere else that might reference the shares that I might have forgotten about? (maybe addons I suppose...)

  • Please help. How to delete that damn shared folder? all users deleted, smb is off.


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  • For what? User home directory is "off" now. It can not be saved when i am Enable it and then selecting "None". Red frame and "Save" button do nothing.

    Fixed! I must turn ON user home directory, select Nothing, then turn OFF and hit "Save"! What a unintuitive actions! Why i must Turn on - delete - turn off ? Function is already disabled!


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  • You have to select 'None' because otherwise the database still stores your selected Shared Folder and when you try to delete it the database sees that it is referenced somewhere. The workflow you have to go to deselect the 'Location' field is done everywhere across the UI. E.g. if you disable a service, all input fields are disabled. So why should this page do it some other way?

    Disabling a service does not mean that the entered values are not stored in the database, or do you want to loose all entered values if you disable the service here or e.g. SMB, FTP, ...? Surely not. The current way how it is implemented has good reasons, i assume some are not understandable by the user.

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