How to move data drive and system to different hardware

  • This is probably a noob question but I have a running OMV installation on a raspi 3 with a 4tb hard drive attached. I want to create a new OMV setup on an old desktop machine and move the raspberry pi's 4TB drive full of data onto it without having to setup all the shares again and then copy all the data over. I'm guessing I can't use backup or clonezilla because I would be restoring to different hardware.

    Is there any way to do this?

  • Your 4TB drive is the data drive, right?
    Then you have the SD card on the Pi for OMV.

    So for the desktop you need another drive for the OS. You can use HDD, SDD or USB thumb drive.
    After you have installed OMV on that drive, you can connect your data drive. The drive should be detected by OMV and should be ready to use. Data will be still there and should be available.

    The configuration of OMV you have to do from scratch. You can use config.xml for reference, but copy & paste does not work.

  • I’m in a similar situation, except moving from server to server, no rasp pi. I’m wondering the best way to move everything over. Boot drive is usb thumb drive. 2 HDD data drives. 2 shared folders(one on each drive). I built a new/better machine and would like transfer everything over. I’ve been debating whether I should start from scratch again or not. One other thing of note is I have a plex server running and a few docker containers. I’ve tried searching for “how to” or best practices. Any advice? Also I can start a new thread if I’m high jacking here. Thanks.

  • I would try to move the existing devices to the new hardware. You might have to use omv-firstaid from the CLI to configure the network connection.

    If it works, fine. If not, you can still start from scratch. In case you have to make a new installation: disconnect the data drive to avoid installation of the OS on the wrong drive.

  • Hello

    I'm also in a pretty similar siltuation here but the difference is that I want to migrate my 2 4TB HDDs (RAID1) from an old WD MyCloud Mirror to an Openmediavault build.

    I would have already started to transfer the drives with the hope that I won't need to reset any shares or privileges but as far as I can recall with other OMV builds I had in the past, OMV asks to format both drives in order to create a RAID 1 array.

    Could anyone please help as I don't want to lose my precious files.

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