No internet access through OpenVPN

  • I have setup and used OpenVPN plugin for years, but recently I no longer have access to my WAN while connected using my OpenVPN. I can still access my services in the LAN (such as Plex), but no outside internet access.

    In searching through the forums, I found a post that seemed to resolve that person's issue, but I really don't know what that CLI command does, and need some clarification before I use it.

    Any help would be appreciated. Might it be related to this issue? (if not, I will make a separate post to resolve the OpenVPN plugin to use Tunnelblick):

  • Resolved by properly configuring the firewall, specifically opening http port 80. The previous post suggesting editing up tables in CLI was not necessary.

    Still curious about Tunnelblick removing support for OpenVPN 2.4.

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