How do I delete a shared folder?

  • I'm new to all of this. I know nothing about programming and I've looked on the forum and have read that you CANNOT delete a shared folder via the web GUI. Some of the solutions refer to some kind of XML file? I have no idea what that means.

    I created a shared folder on a USB HDD. I realize that I wanted the shared folder to point to the root directory, and so I tried to delete the shared folder. I don't have the options to delete it. It says that it's "referenced" but I don't know where to go to "unreference it"

    Also, once I delete the shared folder, is it possible to point to the root of the HDD? I read somewhere that this can be done by typing in "rootpath" instead of a folder name.

  • If a folder is referenced, it has been added by you to one of the services.
    Check the services like SMB/CIFFS, FTP and so on on the left side of the GUI.

    First you need to delete all references. Then you can remove the shared folder. When you remove the shared folder you can select if you only want to remove the share or the share and data. If you select the latter also the folder on the data drive will be deleted.

    You might also want to have a look at this post on how to find to which service a folder has been added:
    Removing a hard drive - best procedure to do so?

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