Keep getting wrong username/password when connecting to SMB /CIFS share

  • I have recently installed OMV 4 on my NAS. Network is a Windows Domain. The NAS is visible in the Network Tab on all PCs (Win10). So i created a user, shared folder / SMB share. The user has read/write permission to that share. But when I try to connect to the share (\\nas\share\) i keep getting an error saying username and / or password is wrong. I double checked already and it is correct.
    For troubleshooting I also set "min protocol = SMB2" as custom option but no success. Installing support for SMB1.0 on the Win10 machine also not make any difference. I really have no clue what is causing the error?!

  • Hi,
    I had the same problem on a couple of windows machines. Windows reset some parameters on a recent update.

    Try updating your windows network discovery options as shown in this video first.

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    How to Videos for OMV

    Post any questions to the forum, so others can benefit from your curiosity. :thumbsup:
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  • Well after some research I have found this thread: Samba not working on OMV 4.x while working on OMV3.x
    ntlm auth = yes allowed me to browse the shares and access them. But it seems to be not "best practice" regarding security. See here:…ntlm-for-windows-clients/

    After editing the security policy according to the information in the link abive and removal of "ntlm auth = yes" from the config, the same error occurs again and I cannot login. I made sure the policy has been applied to the computer. *clueless*

  • Today, same issue on 2 different equipments. Multimedia player and Win10 PC.

    As OMV4.1.4-1 is new for me, and after a few problems encountered since i upgrade omv3.0.99 to OMV4.0/4.1, now it is about multimedia players (2) at home.

    As all shares work before OMV4, i change some settings on my players, because i thought there have lost their settings... but not.

    i restart this nas, and always same issue.

    ssh/ ftp, all works, samba on win10 works now, but not my players in house.

    i 'm going to try ntlm auth = yes in optional section (samba) edit: it works with this parameter.

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