Migrating to Proxmox

  • Hi,

    So i have decided on a fun little project to migrate my OMV box to a proxmox server with OMV as a guest.
    converting OMV to a vm should be (?) easy , using dd.

    however i have a few hard drives combined into a pool with mergeFS.
    I think I would like to keep my pool outside of the VM, can i export my pool to proxmox without losing data?
    anything else i need to consider?

  • I converted my Omv server to pve guest. I used a manual conversion by backing the rootfs with rsync(backup plugin), then booted systemrescuecd to move all data and leave the system bootable.
    The mergerfs is a pool, I assume is made of physical disks, you can attach those disks to proxmox, you will loose smart readings, but then they can be configured in proxmox. Omv should read the pool again as well as mount the members as long if they still use the legacy fstab lines by uuid or the new ones by label, the mount points by-Id generally don’t replicate the same in proxmox.

  • thanks!
    so i can i share the pool via proxmox (does it support smb)?
    and can i have the host ZFS (never really played with ZFS but it's a good opportunity...)while the main storage pool remain mergeFS

  • How is the performance gonna be?

    I was thinking about creating an SMB pool on the host, movies/tv shows/ect and that will be shared via the guests....is it possible?

  • In that scenario, you are basically using proxmox as a NAS, which is possible, since it's basically Debian. So what are you using OMV for ?

    I have Proxmox running on an SSD. Guests are contained on the SSD and backed up to a USB drive on my router.
    4 HDDs are on the host are passed through to the OMV guest, and of course not mounted in Proxmox.
    OMV handles all the storage work with those drives and shares over SMB.
    Other guests access the SMB shares.
    Startup is configured so that the OMV boots firsts. Other hosts wait 5 minutes to boot after OMV has started.

    All works fine.

  • I think i will go that route.
    are you using zfs?
    did you try installing proxmox on a USB?

    Partitioning is a bit funny on my 120GB ssd....
    I think i should at least have an ISO share on the ssd.

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