Windows not finding network path

  • Gentlemen

    I built a Raspberrypi 3 file server for my church.

    None of the computers seem to show the Raspberrypi file server so I use the static IP address to map the drives.

    On on particular computer I get a 0x80070035 fault "the network path was not found.

    Network discovery is turned on.

    Not sure why this is happening with Windows 10, any suggestions would be really appreciated.

    Rich Prim

  • Wow that's a lot of stuff to do, not sure I want to mess with that on someone else's computer.
    I did by accident find that if I " Added a network location" this allowed me to get access to the server.
    Its a bit easier and less chance to screw something up.
    Thanks for the help, Windows 10 sure makes life difficult.

    Rich Prim

  • Some things to check:
    Are the computers in a "home group"?
    Did you set the workgroup name in omv to match what the Windows computers are set to?
    Did you give it all 30-40 minutes to allow the network browsers to sync up. Windows is kind of odd with the master browser and syncing the browse lists up. There are so-called "elections" to determine which box is going to be the master and computers may wait 20 minutes or so between broadcasting their presence on the network.

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  • I did all the updates except the reg edits.
    Now the computer seems to reliably connect to the network drives.

    Thanks so much for the info, it was not a big problem at home but when you spend someone else's money to build a machine and it doesn't work.
    Well you look like you don't know what you are doing.

    I am sure many people appreciate the help we get from the more experienced guys on this Forum.

    Rich Prim

  • Yes I built the file server for my Church as a test, if it didn't work for them no big deal.

    Not confident enough to charge a fee yet.
    It took some suggesting to get them to understand the benefits of a file server.
    Up till now everyone had there own little system.
    As they learned one Sunday, they could not get the power point file working because the girl mistakenly put a short cut, not a file on the desktop from her flash drive.
    After some digging we found the flash drive in her desk.

    Now they seem to understand the benefit of a file server.

    Going on vacation tomorrow see you all in 11 days.

    Rich Prim

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