Problem adding drives after reinstalling OMV

  • Yesterday my OMV system got hung up and I couldn't log into the console as i was getting an unable to connect message. I had to shut down OMV by holding the power button but had several issues with my docker setup so i decided to reinstall and start fresh. I installed OMV on my system disk, then updated it and finally powered it down to reconnect all my data drives. When i restarted the system, it never fully loads, it shows a screen with the following message

    It does this for each of the 6 data drives I had in the system and then will boot fine if i don't have any of them connected. Anyone have any idea how i might go about fixing this? I am at best a novice with linux so anything really complicated will be difficult.

    Edit: So i went and installed ubuntu on my system disk and was able to read and open files on all of my data drives. I deleted any files on them other than the pure data files, i.e. movies and such and then went back and installed OMV again. Once more it installed fine but when i went to add the data drives, it gave me the same message as above. Got to say i'm lost how a drive that has nothing but movie files could be causing this when plugged in.

    Edit2: Drives show up in bios and I've removed my SATA card for my extra drives. Took my parity drive out and tossed it in my windows machine and formatted it to NTFS just to see if there were some odd files laying about, but even after that, with just my system drive and the NTFS formatted drive i get the error.

  • Well it took quite some time to figure this out but for some reason when i attached my data drives it created a issue with booting. I got a suggestion to try reinstalling with my data drives connected and that did work although i had one data drive that was throwing a lot of errors before it would finally boot OMV fully.

    I spent the past day moving data off each data drive, then putting it in my Windows box where i ran Western Digital's data lifeguard tool on them before moving them back and once more doing a full install with all the drives connected. This time it went flawlessly and now I get to spend the day moving my data back.

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