Performance Problems

  • I had an external RAID5 array attached via USB 3 to a Windows 10 PC and I could get 220 MB/s read and write performance.

    I attached this same RAID5 array to a computer (ROCK64 = 4 x Core ARM chip with 4GB RAM) running OMV3 via USB 3. This OMV3 computer is connected to my other computers via Gigabit Ethernet.

    Using SMB/CIFS I get 90 MB/s read and write out of my RAID5 array (40% of the performance).

    Using NFS I get 12 MB/s read and write out of my RAID5 array (5% of the performance) unfortunately I have a linux application that only works over NFS).

    I expected to loose a little performance going over a network and through another computer, but nothing like this.

    Since I have a UPS in Windows 10 I chose the device option to improve the USB performance: "Enable write caching on the device" and "Turn off Windows write-cache buffer flushing on the device"

    In OMV3 is there a way to check the underlying performance of the RAID5 array to take the network out of the equation?

    In OMV3 is there a way to improve the performance of USB devices?

    In OMV3 is there a way to improve the performance to something acceptable, especially the NFS?

  • I added async to the NFS share options which has doubled the performance to 24 MB/s. I know async isn't recommended, but I do have a UPS.

    I setup NFS on a different linux distribution (Ubuntu) than what OMV3 is based on to check NFS performance and it is just as NFS just a slow protocol?

  • What's the bandwidth on your router? Gigabit hopefully? But if it's older it might be 100mbps and with multiple devices connected...

    Could also be issues to do with construction-- are you living in an old building? Do you have connectivity problems around the house ever?

    Just a few thoughts. Troubleshooting performance over a network... the scope of what you need to troubleshoot is quite wide and based on what you're saying I'd look at the network before I looked at any individual machine on it.

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