Any concerns upgrading to OMV 4 from 2.2.14 ( stone burner)

  • I am wanting to upgrade to OMV 4 from 2.2.14 and would like to know if I could have any known or unknown issues? OMV system has a raid5 16tb array with about 7tb free. Is it a good idea to disconnect the raid5 array while upgrading to OMV 4? Will settings transfer over to the new ver or will I need to re configure? I am NOT a Linux expert so any help or is there another existing thread I could look at? Thanks in advance.

  • You would have to upgrade from 2.x -> 3.x -> 4.x and the 2.x -> 3.x upgrade is not recommended. I would recommend doing a fresh install of OMV 4.x which means disconnecting your raid 5 array. This will mean reconfiguring everything.

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