Snapraid data error

  • Hi,

    the last 'snapraid sync' gave me this result:


    Data error in file '/path/to/file.xls' at position '0', diff bits 66/128


    0 file errors 0 io errors 1 data errors

    DANGER! Unexpected data errors! The failing blocks are now marked as bad!

    Use 'snapraid status' to list the bad blocks.

    Use 'snapraid -e fix' to recover.

    Since I don't fully understand the details of how snapraid works, I would appreciate some advice how to interpret this error and how to fix it.

    My wife (it's her file) doesn't think she changed it, but she isn't sure. Could this happen if a file is changed and also the sector on another disk used to compute the parity? Or is this bit rot? The disk is quite new (about a year) and good quality (HGST).


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