Mount NTFS to be used for NFS and CIFS/Samba

  • I have seen multiple threads mentioning NTFS and how frowned upon it seems to be, but I would just like to know if its possible to mount and us a NTFS formatted external HD?

    Reason? EXT4 would be nice to use, but I have a 2TB NTFS full to the limit and no place to backup those files while I format it to another FS. So poor me I have to live with NTFS. But I would like to use it with OMV if its possible!?!?! Is it?

    If so, how do I use it?

    I just got the latest OMV installed on a Raspberry PI 2, seems to be working fine. I can find my Ext HD and mount it. But adding a device to share is where I get stuck.


  • Do you use spaces in the label name of the drive? You should remove them first.

    More info here

    OMV 3.0.100 (Gray style)

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  • OMV is based on Linux which has a different way of dealing with file permissions and meta data compared to Windows. This is why it's a bad idea to use a NTFS drive with OMV, as you might end up with corrupted files, since Linux wasn't made to work with NTFS. As a read only source, it should work fine though, which seems to be your idea here, as the drive is full to the limit according to your post.

    This nicely sums up some of the issues between Windows and Linux when it comes to file systems -…es-and-potential-problems

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