Disabling the confirmation task?

  • HI,
    I'm asking myself is there a way to disable the confirmation task when I do any changes on my system? I'm on omv3.0.99 with kernel 4.15.
    I don't mean the "The configuration has been changed. You must apply the changes in order for them to take effect." but the confirmation after that.
    I know what I do so I don't need it. Would appreciate your help ;)

    Greets from Darmstadt, GER

    I'm from Germany so feel free to talk in german to me ;)

  • Maybe. But I count 4 Steps and asking three times. Not twice.

    • I first did the changes,
    • than confirmed it by clicking "Save"
    • than have to do another "Apply"
    • and a final confirmation "Yes"

    For important questions, for example, formating disks I could ask twice, as in Windows. Not three times. Especially with minor insignificant changes, I can not understand this approach. From my point of view changing the NTP server for example requires no confirmation at all. Saving should be as convenient as possible after a timeout, at the exit event of the edit or manually by clicking the save button.
    Maybe some users would like to be asked 3 times. I think the majority of users would like to be asked only once for most questions.

    I would like to suggest adding an option where you can set the number of confirmations separately for important and less relevant changes.

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