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  • I recently upgraded from version 2 where I had successfully installed MiniDLNA, to version 3. I cannot see any way to reinstall MiniDLNA nor does Googling it come up with anything useful by way of instructions. Plugins does not seem to contain any DLNA facility which seems a bit odd for a product named Open Media Vault. How do I get DLNA back on? It doesn't have to be MiniDLNA but I am not interested in Plex, just a simple DLNA plugin will do nicely. I was also wondering if there was a plugin to shutdown the server at a given time. I find the built-in method rather unintuitive and would like something easier to understand.

    Thanks in advance.

  • You need to install OMV Extras - http://omv-extras.org
    Once you've installed that you can install a bunch of different plugins easily via the GUI.

    I'd suggest taking a look at Emby, but it only runs in a docker, so you need fairly powerful hardware for that to work.

    OMV 4.x, Gigabyte Z270N-WiFi, i7-6700K@3GHz, 16GB DDR4-3000, 4x 4TB Toshiba N300, 1x 60GB Corsair GT SSD (OS drive), 10Gbps Aquantia Ethernet

  • Hi and thanks for your reply. Yes, I had OMV-Extras.org on my original version but the version I have didn't work after I upgraded and I found it quite difficult to get it up & running again, but I now have it all working again. I looked at Emby and Plex but they don't do what I want, just a simple DLNA without accounts and frills. MiniDLNA works for me, even though I am not a great fan of DLNA. I prefer a path to a folder that I can set up manually but it's not always possible to do this.

    PS. While a moderator is looking to approve, perhaps he/she can also take a look at this constant error I get while posting:

    ID: eb6308ee20ef48082ac76fb70cd28b9482c7f027
    Please send the ID above to the site administrator.
    The error message can be looked up at “ACP » Logs » Errors”.

    Sometimes it will still post other times it won't but it is nearly every time I try and post anything. I have attempted to send the ID to the administrator but that never works either.

    Edited 2 times, last by Qwerty: Post failed again. Also now get: The server encountered an unresolvable problem, please try again later. Exception ID: 614ceb69d93f7887c00f6a2399f136dcb76e9796 ().

  • I prefer a path to a folder that I can set up manually but it's not always possible to do this.

    From what clients are you trying to access your media? I use Plex because I have several remote users that have access to my media, but within my own house, I think I could get by with simply sharing everything through Samba.

    Also, I think that forum message is a cryptic way to tell you that you've triggered the spam detection.

  • Thanks. Cryptic is an understatement.... I've been getting that error for nearly 3 years with no help in finding out what it is. Why it thinks I am spamming is anybody's guess.
    I access all my media from Windows, Android, Linux and a proprietary TV OS. I'm not a big proponent of doing anything that requires setting up accounts but accept it is necessary sometimes. Thus, Plex is not for me amd it is more than I need. I just samba/Windows shares to access everything. It generally all works well. I don't really like DLNA as it doesn't always present my media the way I want. When I can set up a network path directly that is best for me. So, I'm now concentrating on my other problem thread.

  • Danke

    Nachdem alle Extras die ich gefunden habe installiert wurden,

    war DLNA (sorry!!) auch dabei.

    Bei der OMV Version 3... war das leicht zu finden bezw. bei Erweiterungen sofort dabei.

    Nochmals Danke es "funzt" jetzt

    Gruss RuPo3

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