Upgrade from RPI3: is Odroid XU4Q good choice?

  • Hi,

    I'm thinking about upgrading my current setup (Raspberry 3 PI) to something with Gigabit/usb3.
    Technically, the Odroid XU4Q seems a good choice (must be silence since it's in my livinug room, hence the passive cooling version).

    I'm just wondering wether It is a good choic in practice? As i've read in this forum there were problems with the wiring of USB3 ports (posts dates from mid last year so maybe this has been solved already).

    Also, when upgrading: I've learned you cannot transfer the configuration so everything needs to be reconfigured. No problem, but I'm a bit afraid for my disk setup: there are 3 in a unionFS configuration. Will I be able to add them again in this pool without losing data or to rewrite everything again to the disks please?

  • There is a video in another thread which gives good information about this Which energy efficient ARM platform to choose?. There is a second video which adds Odroid HC1 to this (and by implication HC2 although that will use a hard disk).

    I recently rebuilt my OMV3 setup on RPi3 as I wanted to get rid of the software RAID of my original - so instead I now have 2 x RPi3 OMV3 each with a hard disk - one which is for backups, and the other for media. They also mutually back each other up. It all works brilliantly if a little slower than it could.

    However an upgrade to OMV4 will be needed soon at about the same time as my birthday! I am thinking seriously about moving to 2 x Odroid HC2 (to reuse the 3.5" disks on the current RPi3 NAS).

    Have a look at the videos of the 5 boards running OMV (including RPi3) and see what you think.

  • Hi,
    thanks for this useful information. Regarding the Odroid HC1/2: my current setup consists of 3 usb harddisks so I really need seperate usb ports. So the XU4Q seems the most adequate option in terms of connectivity and performance (I'm also running nextcloud on it which sometimes leads to cpu throtling when doing some tasts simultaneously.)

    In regards to writing speeds; I guess that my current network is the weak link.
    Here is my set up:

    • 100 Mbit
    • wifi speed: 30 Mbit down / 5 Mbit up (measured by iperf3)

    So upgrading to Odroid will not lead to significant more performance in terms of write/read speeds I guess?
    But it's a good thing to be future proof, and as you mention OMV4: it would also be a good idea to install this new version directly. In this regard, PHP will be upgraded tot 7.X so also good news for future upgrades for Nextcloud (which stops supporting 5.X with the next version).


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