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    How to Videos for OMV

    Post any questions to the forum, so others can benefit from your curiosity. :thumbsup:
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  • Use Calibre as book server and finder on Openmediavault.

    Can download metadata and covers. Allows user to search for books to download. Can convert our ebooks to different formats. Can download newspapers, magazines and books.

    This is the cliff notes for the video. Watch the video for more details. Post any questions to the general forums.

    Look up UID, GID
    Open shellinabox and login
    Type: id username
    Write down UID, GID

    Go toSharedfolders:
    In appdata folder, create a folder for calibre.
    In Media, go to books folder, in books folder create folder for calibrelibrary.
    Move all your existing books into a new folder called existing.

    Docker: cgspeck/docker-rdp-calibre

    Start container

    You can access the GUI by pointing your web browser to: http://youripaddress:8082

    Click ok

    Select "/library" as the library location in the Calibre wizard
    Select right device for ebook reader, because it changes to correct format for that device.

    User guide already there and also already in calibre folder inside of ebooks folder

    Add books: /existing pick a book to add.
    It will import pdf. It will extract rar files.

    To change meta data, right click book, then click editmeta data, download meta data, to search for info and click ok.

    Get ebooks, search for paid and free books, select none, choose free book store, Project Gutenberg and ManyBooks, search Franklin, click book, download, processing bottom right corner,

    Paid Books, press Get books, select none, amazon kindle, Captain Underpants, right click, can’t download, only get in store, nothing happens when you click it.

    Need to add browser to container, open shellinabox, type: docker exec -it calibre/bin/bash,
    apt-get update, apt-get install firefox, yes, close.

    Go back to calibre (firefox installed in container), can now go to the store, right click on book, click on go to store, buy it and download it as normal.

    If you update the container, firefox will disappear, so you will have to re-add it again.

    Click fetch news, choose country, pick newspaper or magazine, schedule download, pick download schedule, then download now. Check bottom right corner for download.Close

    How to email an ebook to ereader.

    Click Connect/share, setup email based sharing of books, add email server information to bottom left or click GMX, set a free GMX account, since firefox is already part of calibre, we can do it inside of calibre, create account, login, click email settings, click pop3 & imap, check send & receive emails by external program, close browser, add in user name and password, user name is email address, save, click test email, type in an email address to email too, such as the same email address as you just made, mail successfully sent. Sending service successfully set up.

    Click Add email address, put in address you want email sent too, like gmx address, unclick auto send, click apply bottom right, close.

    To send book, right click on book, connect/share, email to: properaddress, check that email was sent on GMX website, on device, open email and download attachment.

    Set up calibre database

    You can access the Calibre webserver by pointing your web browser to http://youripaddress:8081

    Click connect share, start content server, error comes up for 8080, 8081 is the actual content server, just need to change the settings, click preferences, click sharing over the net, change the port to 8081 which is the port in the container even if you changed what you mapped the port too in the beginning.

    Apply, ok
    Click connect/server, start content server, no errors.

    Go to youripaddress:8081
    Opens calibre library. Click on library button to see your library. Can download, but read doesn’t work.

    Build, Learn, Create.

    How to Videos for OMV

    Post any questions to the forum, so others can benefit from your curiosity. :thumbsup:
    No private support.

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