IBM M1015 - IR vs. IT

  • I purchased a IBM M1015 LSI 9240-8I for my NAS build. I have read from many different internet source that it is best to flash the card to IT mode. I have been following this guide...…rmware-to-lsi-sas9211-8i/

    But I am just stuck getting an error... can not find LSI adaptor.

    My first question with a typical OMV setup... Is it recommended or even required to flash the card to IT mode?

    I have all my parts together and would like to get started :)

  • You did read what the IT Firmware does against the IR?

    Maybe you can tell us what you try to achieve with the upgrade and for what do you want to use the controller. RAID?


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  • Basicly the IT firmware is only just a HBA and the boot up time is quick. The IR firmware is the raid software firmware so boot up is a bit longer than having the IT firmware only. You can cross flash with the LSI firmware in IT mode only or IT and IR mode which is default in LSI. If you are going with pure software raid then the IT firmware is best. This card also supports dual linking for double bandwidth with the HP SAS Expander 36 port. Just make sure you have the green pcb version and not the yellow one.

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