Installing 4.1.3 on two different hard drives will not install.

  • Hi guys. I have been trying to install the new version on a brand new hard drive so that I still have the first one as a backup just in case. I'm glad I did this because I have not been able to get this new version installed so I have put my old one back in. So here's what I have done so far and where I have been getting stuck. As you will see I have tried several different things and nothing seems to work. So maybe I'm just missing something.…media-vault-3x-to-4x.html

  • Is that a USB3 to sata adapter cable? If so, there's an interface between the drive and the OVM's installer software. Have you tried a direct sata connection to the drive? After the install is complete, the drive might work with the USB adapter.

    Better yet, why not get another USB stick and install OMV to a USB drive?

  • Yes, you are correct about the cable. Now that I think about it, I used the older style cable when I first installed the OS. Hmmm. I may have to try that cable again to see if that works. I can't remember if I had the usb 3 hub or not, but that's the reason I went ahead and plugged the cable straight to the back usb 3 port. Tryin that old cable is the only thing I didn't think about doing. I may try it a little later. I want to take a break since I have been working on it for a bit. I could use a usb stick, but I'm not sure if any of the ones I have are the right type that won't get screwed too quickly. I forget what they are called.

  • If you're using name brand USB3 sticks (which have good controllers), they'll be fine. Don't forget the flash memory plugin if you go with a USB boot drive permanently. There are great advantages to USB sticks as, boot drives, as outlined in this -> guide.

    Of course, if you have two external (spinning) drives and can get them to boot through one of your adapters, the cloning principle (possibly even the method) would be the same.

  • Well you were right. Even though it took me a while to find the darn cable. I changed it and the system finally installed without issue. Unfortunately the motherboard won't pick up the usb for whatever reason after I reboot. I then plugged it into the new cable and I get something about not having a system on the drive or something like that. So this is the only way the usb drive will show up, on the new cable but not the old one. I still have to use the old one to install it though which is really weird. A little progress is better than none. I'll update as I get through this one. Now all I get is booting from PXE and network but no usb and my bios is freezing so it's not letting me change anything all of the sudden. I was going to just reset the bios to the defaults to see if that did anything, but can't at the moment. This is all with the new hard drive by the way. I noticed there are some new bios updates but I don't want to mess with that since I know it was working with the old drive. At least not yet. Thanks for the info, I want to see if I can resolve this issue at the moment.

  • Okay, I went ahead and posted a few more screenshots. I have now tried both the old usb 2 and new usb 3 cable and OVM just won't work. The hardware is working. I have reset the bios and also went ahead and updated it, but it's still a no go on the hard drive. I did redo my boot disk just in case too.

  • I ask because on the blog I see 4.1.7 but there are no other downloads higher than 4.1.3.

    OMV is just a package. Since you can update to the latest in the Updates tab, there is no need to release a new ISO for every version.

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  • Hi, yes it's working I haven't done anything with it, I just took it out and use two other hard drives. No I have not done the usb thumb drive, but I forgot to ask. Is 4.1.3 the latest stable version? I ask because on the blog I see 4.1.7 but there are no other downloads higher than 4.1.3.

    As it appears, the newest downloadable version is 4.1.3, but if you went through the update process, it would update to 4.1.7.
    And, while it's close, I don't think OMV 4.X is officially stable yet.

    Have you thought about cloning the old drive to the new one? (Using Clonezilla or something similar.)

    If the clone job works, strip out the plugin's and do a command line version upgrade.


    That's a way to sort of "back into" the upgrade. I just tried it in a VM. It worked fine (but I stripped ALL plugins out to be sure there would be no issues along those lines). An mdadm RAID array made it through, with shared folders as well.
    Interestingly, it's at version 4.1.7 with kernel 4.9.0

    Since you have a free (and notably empty) drive, there's nothing to lose.

  • Well I'm getting that feeling too. Anyway I tried installing omv on a separate 8 gig flash drive and and 8 gig sd card. It didn't work, the program said that it was probably due to the size of the disk. Go figure. In any case. I didn't use that program suggested, I just used the boot disk I had, so that could be the reason. I don't know since I haven't used it that way. I decided to give it a rest for now and just put my 3.x back on the same usb hub and new usb3 cable and everything is working again. Maybe I'll give it another try later on or if I can find another drive. I just had no luck with it at the moment. Now I really don't want to upgrade the 3.x version I have.

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