multiple IP adresses possible ?

  • On my Server i got an bond0 Interface of two NIC configured. Everything works well.
    Now my hint is to give those Interface a second IP adress.
    If i try to add a new bond Interface with same Setting as the wirking one and only an different IP adress and Sub it is not possible to save.

    how to fix this or am i on the wrong way ?

  • Ok i made a mistake. I add a new eth0 in the omv gui and set my ip adress there.
    This seems not to work and it is not deleteable, How to fix this ?

    The second Thing i made was to edit the /etc/network/Interfaces

    but from the .50 Network the omv is not reachable or pingable.

    All i want to create is a iSCSI drive reacheble from the .50 network.

  • now i am very confused ?(
    everything I want to achieve is to set an secondary iSCSI drive that would be reachable from the .50 network.As i understand there is a possibility to give the existing network interface a second, or third ip adress.With this ip adress (alias) i hoped to make this drive accesible from my network

  • As i understand there is a possibility to give the existing network interface a second, or third ip adress.W

    You can give multiple ip addresses in the interface, vlan is more secure an easy if you have managed switch and good linux router. As for using alias, then you need to setup a gateway(but not default) to route those packages on different subnet alias. For testing this you need to use iproute2 utils stack(is installed by default), don't use ifconfig or netstat.

  • Ok is this the right way ?

    Is this config OK for my project ?

  • That’s obsolete needs to be changed in docs. The location is /etc/network/interfaces/interfaces.d and it doesn’t need to be a script just a normal network stanza.…d3f27749566afe2ae690033a2

    Before pursuing this configuration have you tested if this setup works manually?

  • step by step what i made:
    i ve created a file /etc/network/interfaces.d/additonal_IP with that content:

    # Damit bekommt das Interface eine weitere IP Adresse (alias)
    iface bond0 inet static

    This file is own by root and has 644 rights
    My existing interfaces file:

    after that i log in with putty as root and do omv-mkconf interfaces and check the /etc/network/interfaces
    Unfortunately without any change in it.At the end i made e reboot of the omv machine but all with the same result.Where did i make the mistake ?

  • Thank you for your patience but i have absolutely no idea how to test it manualy.

    Everything i manualy wrote in the /etc/network/interfaces did not work.
    Everything i made at last i have discribed above.

  • Hello - there is a bug in OMV mkconf for interfaces to source other files. That is why what you have tried above did not work. The line the script adds to /etc/network/interfaces that is "source interfaces.d" is incorrect. It needs to be "source interfaces.d/*" as the "source" directive requires a file, not directory.

    You can make a change to /usr/share/openmediavault/mkconf/interfaces.d/99source_interfacesd and then re-run the omv-mkconf interfaces.

    There are some general Debian posts if you google "source interfaces.d" that suggest you could also use "source-directory".

    Hope this helps.

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