TFTP over bonded interface slow or inexistant

  • Hello Team,

    First of all, thank you for everyone participating on this forum. it has been a great help since I began with my OMV installation.

    I need your help on, well the title says it all,TFTP using bonded interfaces.

    I've noticed that once I enable the bond on the server, every client that tries to connect has two different behaviours:

    • They don't catch a lease from the DHCP
    • They catch a lease from DHCP but transfer of files are slow or stop during transfer.

    Now if I disable the bond, with exactly the same settings, all is good.

    I'm using LACP 802.3ad bond configuration.

    Has anybody experienced this or is using bonding and pxe successfully ?

    Thanks :thumbsup:

  • And you expect LACP being handled properly by what exactly at this early stage?

    Great unhelpful answer Tkaiser :thumbdown: .

    Juniper switches have options that allow PXE to work even on bonded interfaces. I was wondering if anybody found a suitable configuration to have it working on Linux 'cause my switch does not offer it.

    Anyway thanks for trying to be constructive

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