Moving to a smaller boot drive

  • Hi all,

    got a problem I'm fairly sure you'll eb able to help with...

    I want to clone the OMV boot drive to a smaller one, and everything I've read to date says to backup the drive using clonezilla (done and tested with no problems), use gparted to shrink the source, then use clonezilla to clone to the smaller drive.

    The second step is where I hit a snag as all the options in gparted are greyed out for my source drive, I *think* because it is zfs?

    Have I missed something obvious and if so what, or is it not going to work using gparted?

    And if the latter, do I have any alternatives?

    I'm running Erasmus (3.0.99).

    Thanks in advance!

    Edited once, last by hedgehogspen: Finally go to looking at this again...and whilst gparted seems to think that the drive is zfs, the clone I took beforehand that's currently sitting in the OMV machine is telling me it's ext4, which is what I expected. Anyone? ().

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