Wlan0 in the system but does not go online?

  • rpi3b with kernel 4.14something connected through ethernet to a windows 7 machine and it seems to work fine, boots fine and no issues to log into webgui and ssh.
    Want to use wifi for internet connection, Ipv4 set to dhcp and ipv6 disabled, wlan shows up under network/interfaces in webgui but adress field is empty.
    Its not a hardware malfunction, the rpi goes online with wifi just fine with raspbian, all i need to do is chose my wifi among a dozen and type in the password.

    Been googling and searching for a couple of hours but found no solution, any idea whats wrong? drivers not installed properly?



    Ip addr show

    Result of some commands i tried.

    iwlist wlan0 scan -> wlan0 No scan results
    sudo iwlist wlan0 scan -> wlan0 no scan results
    sudo iwlist wlan0 scan -> wlan0 Interface doesn't support scanning : Device or resource busy

    unable to save connection: connection is read-only

    no wifi/wlan0 shows up

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