Installed the WebDAV plugin and now I can't access my OMV

  • Hi all,

    I hit install, it installed, gave some error, then reloaded the web interface.

    Now I can't log in via SSH, the web interface, from nautilus... I am locked out.

    What could installing that plugin do to kick me out and more importantly, how can I get back in?

    Thanks so much

    EDIT: UPDATE so nobody wastes time on this. It turns out I had my router reserving the IP address for the OMV machine. I had entered the wrong MAC address into the router but it never bothered it in the past (it just didn't work). After the webdav plugin it was the router that was stopping access. I entered the correct MAC address into the reserved IP area and I had access again. Strange but there you go. Hopefully this helps someone in the future.

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