OMV on Proxmox: HDD passthrough and SMART

  • I hope this is correctly placed. Its kind of a proxmox question but it seems like there's actually more literature and expertise on the OMV side :)

    I did a OMV VM on a Proxmox container, and have passed-through 3 drives, 2 8TB and a single 1GB drive through virtio and scsi-over-virtio interfaces (was testing)

    The virutalized drives are seen and fdisk, etc. can be run on the OMV side, so I've wiped and pooled the drives, for example

    However, I can't seem to get SMART configuration going on the OMV side. DMs to other OMV users who have a proxmox host suggest that its possible, but there are also forum posts contradicting this.

    Curious for the expertise of power-users.

    The end usecase is to configure email notifications for SMART failures, which as a fallback I can try to figure out on the host side, but was hoping to do 100% of the management (configuration, file system, etc.) of these drives within the guest

  • I have no knowledge in proxmox, so this answer is pulling from my generic knowledge of IT and how things work.

    Most likely proxmox is not transporting SMART through the virtualization layer. If that is the case you will never be able to use Smart to ask the drive for that.

    The only workaround would be that the proxmox layer is doing this functionality and sending out the mail.

    You can find information about configuration of SMART in proxmox here.…4-3-with-s-m-a-r-t.29514/

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