NUT UPS plugin with SNMP-UPS driver

  • Hello

    Each time I restart a server on OMV4, lost the com with UPS :
    "Communications with the UPS ond01@localhost cannot beestablished "

    to get it again I had to stop an start UPS plugin

    on Linux 4.17.0-0.bpo.3-amd64 / OMV 4.1.10 (Arrakis) my snmp driver configuration is

    "driver = snmp-ups
    port =
    community = domain_users
    snmp_version = v1
    pollfreq = 15"

    It's was not the case with the same config on OMV1,2 and 3
    This issue is repetable on 5 servers upgraded on OMV4

    an idea ?

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