SMART Devices Tab Locking Up OMV

  • Hello group,

    I have started building out a new file server using OMV 4.1 on an older Gateway E9520T server in great condition with a LSI MegaRAID card. The install went as smooth as always, having built a couple other OMV servers in the past. After getting my configuration setup, however, I am finding that the system freezes up every time I click the DEVICES tab under SMART. The system will begin searching for devices and the spinning circle never stops. The web interfaces stops responding to any requests. I cannot even login as root on the actual server terminal. I end up having to hard power down the server and reboot from scratch.

    I have never seen this issue on any other OMV am curious what I am missing here??? And how to get some stability back??? This server is ultimately destined for a local library, but needs to be rock solid before deployment.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Here is the syslog file from yesterday with all the freezes. I did a search and found no mention of smartctl in the file. Maybe there is something in the log that will shed some light.....otherwise I may try to rebuild back to OMV 3 and see what happens. I used OMV 4 on an HP ML310 and have not seen this behavior with has been running in a production environment for quite a few months now.


  • So....I tried loading OMV 3 on the server this morning and got the same issue......the system freezes up and loses connection after clicking on SMART and DEVICES. My own OMV 2 system does not have this problem at all.....however, it is on completely different hardware using an HP raid card. So.....I am stumped what to do. Throw out the server???? LOL


  • The mystery of the freezing OMV has been solved. I did a firmware update on the LSI MegaRaid card, which was a couple years older than the current version. Once the firmware update was complete, OMV4 had no more issues with the SMART tabs. So lesson learned....always make sure your raid card firmware is up to date.


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