Need help with reverse proxy setup

  • First let me say that OMV is fantastic! I've been able to move a bunch of things I've had going on an old Pogoplug, Raspberry Pi, and Win7 machine over to OMV with very little effort. This is simplifying my life significantly!

    I'm trying to get reverse proxy going for some of these services (most importantly Home Assistant) and am running into trouble. I have the DuckDNS container running fine. I have the Let's Encrypt container running as well as explained in @TechnoDadLife video:

    Unfortunately I can't get the Home Assistant reverse proxy to work. I do have the Home Assistant container running with the extra '--network my-net' option and the web page is server on port 8123. I'm certain it has everything to do with the conf file but I am uncertain what should be in it. HA does have information on this at:

    On that page they offer this conf file:

    Other than changing the server_name options to '' and pointing to my ssl .pem files, is there anything else I need to do?

    I know you guys are busy, but can someone please help me get this going? This is the final thing I need to do and everything will be in place. Thanks for your time!

  • Digging in further and I'm seeing this in my let's encrypt logs (over and over again):

    nginx: [emerg] the size 10485760 of shared memory zone "SSL" conflicts with already declared size 52428800 in /config/nginx/proxy-confs/homeassistant.subdomain.conf:37

    Line 37 from homeassistant.subdomain.conf reads:

    ssl_session_cache shared:SSL:10m;

    What does this mean? Do I need it?

  • So I decided to start over and use something that seems supported out of the box. I am already using SABNZB so I decided to give that a try. I ued the predefined site conf for SABNZB. I made sure that Let's Encrypt is running as --network my-network and that SABNZB is also on --network my-network . I edited the conf file and only changed the line:

    server_name mycoolsubdomain.*;

    I restarted Lets Encrypt and went to and I'm still getting the welcome message. I really can't understand what I could be doing wrong. I tried to simplify things by moving OMV to port 90 and forwarding both 80 and 443 to the OMV server from my router. I also made those port changes in LetsEncrypt. My LetsEncrypt logs look like I think they should:

    I'm hoping it's something obvious and one of you guys can spot it. I'm scratching my head on this. Thanks for your time.

  • Went ahead and installed Mariadb and Next Cloud as instructed by @TechnoDadLife video and got that up and running no problem. Went through the steps to set up reverse proxy in the next video and followed every step. Still getting the Welcome screen instead of Next Cloud. Wow. I cannot figure out what I might be doing wrong.

    I'm willing to buy someone a couple beers via Paypal if they can just give me a hand with this.

  • Pretty disappointed that no one could offer any suggestions.

    I took a different path and used Caddy Server in case someone stumbles on this post in the future with the same problems. Caddy is much much easier to set up and has a very active,friendly, and helpful community.

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