configuration hp 410 smart array on omv

  • Good Morning,

    hi are new, thanks for accepting me, I am writing to know how to configure a card hp410 smart array with extender on openmediavault

  • I configure mine for test purpose as JOBD Disk so it's OMV who manage the RAID or disk and works fine.

    PD: I finally install a new IT controller to manage disk of more of 2TB (3TB and 4TB), because hp410 only can manage 2TB max. <- Well at least for my DL380

  • The 410 can't do JODB, you have to format each drive as a RAID0 and then once you install OMV you can then use the to create an array.

    I'm not sure what will happen if you lose a drive as the HD Raid will think it lost a RAID0 and the OS will think it lost a drive from an array.

  • P410 does Disks bigger than 2TB, but you need a firmware update which is a tidbit tricky to install in Linux.

    I got the firmware (which is v6.64 from 2015) from here:…04d4f24e6da8c7aa37bb#tab2

    In order to get the firmware updater working i booted into 32bit CentOS 6.10 (newer versions didn't work out of the box)…tOS-6.10-i386-LiveDVD.iso

    Once you have a console, execute

    rpm -ivh hp-firmware-smartarray-14ef73e580-6.64-2.i386.rpm
    cd /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/hp-scexe-compat

    I got a 9 TB big RAID5 array with 4 x 3 TB SAS disks now.

    Works like a charm.

    Small bummer: I haven't gotten around to configure HP Raid Status "Plugin" yet — it seems like the HWRaid repo from omv-extras is broken and not maintained.

    Few tips:
    - You can get the formerly pricey cache and battery pack — which dramatically ups the capabilities of the P410 — for a few bucks on ebay.
    - In one of their nicer moves HP gave out an unlimited HP Smart Array Advanced Pack Evaluation License when they stopped selling the licenses. Google for hp_saap_license.txt.

  • In order to get the firmware updater working i booted into 32bit CentOS 6.10 (newer versions didn't work out of the box)…tOS-6.10-i386-LiveDVD.iso

    I want to ask if it's not possible to convert the .rpm file from HP to a Debian package with Alien and then try to decompress the .scexe file to obtain the .bin? or some other workaround maybe?

    I'm just asking because I'm planning to buy a second hand P410 to update my omv machine and add 3TB drives but I have no experience with CentOS and I'm a newcomer to Debian, so if this is some kind of stupid question, sorry!

    Also have no experience with this kind of controllers.

  • You could try that, but I wouldn't worry about the differences between centos and debian. You only need that specific centos to have the proper environment for the firmware upgrade to run in, you boot into it (usb/cd), you execute the update, and you're done with it: you dispose it and will never have to worry about centos again. You'll probably have much more trouble going down that alien route. Mind you: you need 32 bit linux and as hp only officially supported red hat (where centos is the free version of) — i wouldn't know which other traps you could fall in.

    Sorry for the late reply.

    PS If anyone got any news about the HWRaid repo. Still...

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