Fresh install OMV 4.0, Docker with Plex - Unable to reach Plex Gui - Need Assistance

  • Hey all,

    My plex took a crap and I decided I would just start over and install OMV 4.0, then Load Plex running on Docker. I set it up following Installation and Setup Videos - Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced and followed each step minus a couple of differences. When I attempt to go to the plex webpage i get a This site can’t be reached refused to connect in chrome. in IE Can’t reach this page Make sure the web address is correct. What am I missing. I have attempted to SSH into MY-IP:32400 and all i get is connect refused. I understand most likely this is a firewall issue, I have done the following and i'm still not sure what is wrong.

    Edit: I have reinstalled OMV and followed his first video plus the one for Plex to the letter. I'm not getting anywhere. please help

  • Does anyone know where the config files are stored in a docker container

    It's where you set it under Volumes and Bind mounts, Host Path /blahblah/blahblahblah so to use @TechnoDadLife he has a shared folder called AppData in the folder he creates another folder in relation to the container. Then when adding the config he points to /AppData/Whateverthecontainername because the Container Path for the config is set by the specific Docker container.

    Ok, I don't know about Plex, but I do know from the Plex Docker page there a number of ways to set up networking but my guess would be that the video sets it up as Host Networking, which would then mean adding the ports to the Extra arguments.
    You shouldn't have to start messing with omv's firewall, @TechnoDadLife videos and @flmaxey Pi-Hole are detailed they both work on the KISS principle.

    The worst case scenario is to stop the docker container delete it, delete the image and start again, but you shouldn't have too.

    BTW if you are a Windows user then WinSCP is very useful and so is Notepad ++, but I don't recommend editing config files unless you're confident in doing so.

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