SATA Controller Compatibilty

  • Looking for more sata ports. Take a look at these one, or two. Note those do not use any PCI or other motherboard slots. There are other sata port multipliers out there just do a quick search for them.

  • Unless i got a bad card beware of : "highpoint rocket 640L"
    Even not in raid the controller is unstable as hell. I will need to replace it.
    It turns ext4 into ro mode, disks just go offline etc etc.

    Edit :

    Bought an ibm serveraid m1015 and it works well. The card needs to be flashed to a hba but this one works.

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    I have an old hp p400 off of ebay for $30 some dollars. It can handle 8 sata drives with the right cables. It's only sata 2 I think but that is ok it can stiil max out the network connection. Be sure to upgrade the firmware if you do. There are some really cheap cards out there now like perc 6i and others. Some can even be flashed to real lsi firmware. Then you can use lsi web interface to manage them. If you need sata 3 dig deep in your wallet. lol

    One draw back is that it may not work on all boards. Some consumer boards may not like the way the bios on the card works. Didn't like an asus e35m1pro if I remember that number right. I think a perc 6 board worked tho.

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  • I got a HP P800 from eBay which handles up to 16 drives. I have connected 20 data-drives to my OMV without any problems so far(four on the Mobo-controller).


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