SSH for newbie

  • I hope it's the right session.
    I'm new to linux and omw and I would like to know how to access the cards I created and then move the files inside.
    do I have to log in as root or as a simple user?
    if I do cd / home and then ls -l I can not find folders and if I do cd /New folder directly appears bash: cd: / new folder: File or directory does not exist,
    where am I wrong?
    sorry but I'm a newbie and sorry for the english :/

  • what do you mean by "cards you created"?

    In order to avoid messing up file permissions its best to move files around remotely using samba shares or FTP or NFS, etc. If you want to do it on OMV via SSH, the files are located in the /srv directory. The home directory would be on the system disk and nothing should be in there.

  • La ringrazio molto per la risposta,
    scusa ma ho sbagliato a scrivere e volevo dire cartelle
    Vorrei semplicemente spostare i file da A a B senza dover utilizzare un client che ridurrebbe notevolmente il tempo se non mi sbaglio, come dovrei fare esattamente?
    / srv mostra il mio filesystem ma come posso accedere alle cartelle all'interno?

  • Warlock,
    What JollyRgr is saying, is that as OMV is a NAS or Network Attached Server, it is better to access it through the client you are using with your User name and password.

    You should set up network drive(s) on your primary access computer and manipulate the file locations from it.

    Can you do it from the command line. Sure. Should you, NO, that is why we have "Windows" whether those "Windows" are on a linux, apple, or windows computer.
    If you are moving files within the folders, there shouldn't be any latency when you are manipulating files within the server. Latency only really comes when you are moving them off the server or to the server, and that depends on the speed of your connection between server and computer. :thumbsup:

  • sorry but I do not understand. you say that to move files on the nas I have to access from a PC? is not it really possible to do so by ssh?
    for example if I wanted to move a file with the smatphone with ssh I can't do it?

  • What might easier is to explain what you have and how you have set it up, bear in mind that the system disk does not contain/store your files, those are on the drive/s connected to your system via the shares you have set up.

  • I have a nas with 5 disks, one with the OS and the others with shared folders and I would like to move files between the folders without having to access a pc.
    I thought ssh was the best choice.

    sorry if I can not explain myself but I'm really newbie

  • I thought ssh was the best choice.

    Not really unless you enjoy command line typing, you can use FTP even on your smartphone :) you will need to enable FTP and under SSH permit root login on OMV. On your FTP software you should to able select SFTP which uses ssh.

    All your shares will be under /srv which will display your drives, alternatively you can use /sharedfolders. By using an FTP client you'll then be able to copy. paste, move....but please on the folders you have shared.

    I hope that helps.

  • I did not even know what ftp was for before.
    I think I've solved that by saving me the command lines
    can you tell me a good app for ftp?
    thank you so much

    Depends what you are using, for windows and linux you can use Filezilla, for smartphone you'll have to search but it does seem to be possible, you're looking for client software/apps.

  • I would like to move files between the folders without having to access a pc.
    I thought ssh was the best choice.

    You could use midnight commander to do that.

    To install sudo apt install mc
    To start sudo mc

    Search the internet for additional help on how to use mc. But it is quite simple.

    You will find your drives in the folder /srv as mentioned before.

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