OMV 4.1.12 on Odroid XU4 slow SMB speeds

  • Hi everybody,

    i just upgraded from a slow as fuck Raspberry 3 OMV build to an Odroid XU4 build. After i have configured almost everything i want to, i found out that my transfer speeds with samba are ridiculously slow. At first i thought it was a samba problem but i now think it has something to do with the ethernet. I couldn't really make out any other thread with the same issue. When i copy files between 2 USB 3.0 devices via ssh speeds are ~ 80MB/s, but when i try to copy files from my desktop pc to the OMV system via smb speeds are ~ 10MB/s. When i copy a file from the Odroid to my desktop the speed goes down to ~ 6MB/s. Even though the Odroid has gigabit ethernet i feel like the speeds are more what i would expect with 100mbit/s ethernet. I have to note that the odroid is connected via dlan, which on paper should be able to handle 1200mbit/s. I know that the actual rates are a little slower, but in no way they should be as slow as 100mbit/s. At the moment my issue is, that i don't really know how to progress with my troubleshooting.
    Has anybody with a similar setup experienced the same issue? Does anybody have any advice on what to do next?

    Peace Larkin

  • the odroid is connected via dlan, which on paper should be able to handle 1200mbit/s. I know that the actual rates are a little slower, but in no way they should be as slow as 100mbit/s

    Why? These '1200 Mbits/sec' are the maximum, real world data transfers are magnitudes slower, see e.g.…n-1200-triple-starter-kit (they test 'best conditions' which will not necessarily describe your setup).

    I would suggest doing both a ping test and running iperf between client and server to get an idea about quality/performance of this connection:

    The ping test is very important too since those so called 'round-trip times' are responsible for lower real world performance later...

  • Thx for the advice. The dlan is the culprit. Once i hooked up the Odroid directly to the router my desktop is connected to the speeds were amazing. I then put it back to its old spot on the dlan and tried to use iperf yersterday, but i wasn't able to run it. I also don't have time to test it at the moment. The issue will have to wait until the weekend. The reason why i didn't expect the dlan to be the culprit is because i have a 3 way setup. So the modem is connected to the dlan, my desktop pc is connected to it in another room and the Odroid is in a third room. The download speed from the desktop to the internet is ~ 33000kbit/s, which is what it should be. Therefore my wrong conclusion was that every pc connected to the dlan would then be able to achieve at least the same speed. But i guess i was wrong. Maybe the dlan device is faulty or something like it. I gotta test some more here...
    Thx for your advice! I will post once i have new insights into what is actually going on.

  • I know this post is more than six months old, but i am still fighting the same issue. I just upgraded my dlan from 1200mbit/s to 2000mbit/s and the manufacturers own software roughly shows an upgrade in speed of 80% between the same power sockets. But when i transfer a file using smb the transfer speeds are exactly the same if not even a little worse. I am stuck at ~ 10MB/s. Therefore i did what you suggested months ago and iperfd the whole thing. Surprisingly the data shows that the 1200mbit/s version is faster than the new one. I guess it could be because of the different way they transfer the data. They are also not compatible with one another. I am just really surprised that an "upgrade" actually makes things a little worse. I guess there is no other solution than to live with the slow speeds or to have some ethernet cable running through the whole flat.

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