from windows: access denied

  • Hello,
    maybe, this is the 9999th time talking about this problem.
    But I didn't find matching answers, or I have lost the overview.

    I use a NAS with:
    - OMV Vers. 3.0.99
    - Banana Pi pro with 16 GB SD-Card
    - Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500GB, ext4 formatted, containing /home
    - the annex shows my shared folder and SMB/CIFS settings (file OMV.pdf)

    - The windows explorer shows my NAS -> OK
    - Trying to open the shared folder displays a login window,
    even though "null password" is activated in the advanced SMB/CIFS settings,
    and after entering the correct (OMV) user password
    windows means: access denied - (I use windows 10 home, version 1803)
    - another strange behaviour is when activating "Recursive"
    in "access rights management -> share folder -> ACL".
    It is always deactivated after clicking on [store] and [apply].
    Due to "access denied" no further tests are impossible.

    To fix the problem I tried
    - for the first, I set the access rights of all (owner, group, others)
    to "read/write/execute" to reduce access problems during setup.
    This doesn't need to become the final setting.
    - different settings and varying the sequence of storing and applying them
    - deleting user and share folder and re-build them
    - setting user password
    - waiting a long time after [apply]
    - restarting SMB/CIFS service
    - restarting OMV and PC
    but without success.

    Can anyone give a hint?
    Thank you in advance.

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