GUI Based steps for destroying RAID with LUKS and starting again

  • Hey guys,

    Making great progress and learning a lot, I've finally started to figure out the logical order to which a lot of things need to happen in the OpenMediaVault gui in order to work correctly however this one has me stumped;

    Current Raid
    2x Disks added to mirror RAID using GUI
    The RAID then added to LUKS (header backed up and additional keys in place)
    Then a BTRFS File System volume created

    So in my brain I figure to remove this to test a new scenario (currently comparing performance of options/combinations)

    • Delete File System (while the LUKS is unlocked)
    • Delete the LUKS
    • Delete the RAID

    However I fall at the first step as the delete is not available and the volume is 'Referenced' and I cannot find where - Does anyone have any tools to uncover the references and order to help work with the OpenMediaVault gui in steps back through removal?

    Many thanks

  • You have the right idea. Everything you've configured should be removed in reverse order.
    (While that might seem to be a pain, it's actually logical. Otherwise, a click or two of the mouse could destroy hours worth of work and data as well.)

    If DELETE is grayed out, you might have something attached to a shared folder, the file system, etc. Installing the reset perms plugin might help you find it.

    This post goes over "de"configuring drives, installing the reset perm's plugin, and what it does. It might be useful. -> Post

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