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  • Hi guys,

    I'm a quite new user of OMV - I previoulsy owned a Synology NAS.

    There is one key function I'm desperately missing so far - I want to have an automatic sync to Dropbox / Google Drive / Amazon Drive. -> I do not want to use it as a backup - I really want to have the sync / mirroring capability.
    Synology has a super easy tool for this - I hardly believe that there is no alternative available for Linux / docker?

    Currently my only hope is on
    r-sync -> no Amazon Drive support anymore and no GUI -> not sure if that runs on OMV

    Biggest use case is about photo sync / sharing -> all my smartphone pics are synced to a cloud service and from there I would like to sync it to my NAS. It should work in both directions as pics from my camera will be pushed to the nas folder directly and then synced to the cloud service.


  • so I installed rclone and managed to configure my first remote to google drive.

    I managed to understand how to sync a directory from gdrive to my nas and vice versa - but now I need some help again :)

    I was hoping that the "rclone sync...." command will automatically create a "job" that from now on takes care of syncing the folder.
    Apparently that is not the case, executing this command was a one time "sync" :)

    How to automate this? Hopefully not via crontab?
    Plus how does logging work so check if transfer of files was ok or not...

    So a tutorial / video / script samples is really what I'm looking for!

    Much appreciated!

  • Okay but Rclone does not really support 2-way sync - correct?

    I'm surprised, that all those geeks around the globe have not come up with a more elegant way for such a trivial request :)


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