Can't connect to share with multiple users on different PC's

  • Hi,

    I am trying to have several PC's connect to my OMV server using their own accounts but once i connect with one PC all of the others say they don't have permission to access the server. If i reboot everything and try with a different PC that one will then work but the others will not including the one that was working before. I have tried configuring permission with groups and individual users as well as resetting permissions, deleting everything and trying to set it up again from scratch but i always have the same issue.

    When i check the status of the SAMBA process both connections look the same and both users have the same permissions so i don't understand why only one can actually browse/use the share!

    Some help with this would be greatly appreciated, it's driving me insane!

    Samba Status:

  • Don't know what cause the original issue but at some stage in trying to fix it i broke the permissions for SAMBA to be able to access the shared directory. I started from scratch again after fixing the permissions and its now working!

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