Data synchronization between file systems with OMV ?

  • Good afternoon, everyone,
    I have a question we currently have two locations. As far as I know it is possible to integrate several file systems into OMV. Now the question is: We have two locations file system A is at location A and file system B is at location B. Is there loadbalancing at OMV so that employees at location B can only access data from file system B?

    The problem is that the following large data must be available at each location. Now I have considered to transfer the data from file system A to B once at 0 o'clock at night. Depending on the location, the employees should then be able to access the next possible file system to have the fastest connection.

    Is such a thing possible with OMV if yes how would you realize it ? The connection between the locations is really very bad. That's why the synchronization between the locations is at 0 o'clock at night.

    Thank you in advance for replying

  • You need to provide more information.

    What types of "files"?
    How are the files updated?
    From where are the files updated?
    How are the files accessed?
    How are the sites connected?
    Why not just use a central cloud solution?

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  • Hi
    What types of "files"?

    - We transfer actually big ZIP and ISO Files . The size is round abbout 2 GB per File.

    How are the files updated?

    - I am actually very new in the topic OMV. But i thing we would like to use rsync to update the Data between Location A and B

    From where are the files updated?

    - The files should be updated from Location A to B The Headlocation is A every day at 0 o clock should rsync work to synchronaize

    How are the files accessed?

    - I think FTP and Windows Explorer

    How are the sites connected?

    - That is the question. How i should do this ?

    Why not just use a central cloud solution?,

    - We don't like to share data with google or microsoft :D

  • I think you still need to elaborate more what setup you have... and where do you want to include OMV into this setup.

    What are A and B. Are this Linux or Windows machines? What filesystem you've chosen for the storage. Wherer is the OMV box and what should it so. Do people at A work on the same data as employees at B? When you rsync from A to B that data proably would be overwritten.
    Usually accessability is done with permissions and not loadbalancing.

    Why not use OMV and install a cloud solution there (like @Adoby suggested) that holds all the data? The cloud solution should be able to handle permissions.

  • @Stramm What did you exactly mean with cloud solution ? The problem is the connection between Location A and B OMV is hosted in Location A. Now there should be a file server at Location B which is integrated in OMV. All employees of A and B should be able to access data of A and B. But the problem is that the connection is very bad. The data should not be hosted externally but on internal servers.

  • With cloud solution I mean something like Nextcloud. Have a look at it and maybe it fits into your setup. You could host it external in a data center if theconnection is bad just between A and B.

    A possibility is to have OMV in location A and create a nfs share here. That share is used by your A employees.
    Then you have a linux fileserver at B (another OMV box). Here you save data for your B people and at night you mount the nfs share from location A and let it sync your data. For that you would need to install a little tool on your B fileserver (FreeFileSync). You could automate this with cron.

    Maybe someone else has a better idea...

    The sysnc problem ist still not really solved with that solution (imagine both sides edit the same file in the same day... )

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