Feedback on Upgrade to 4

  • Here is some feedback on my upgrade from omv 3 to omv 4.
    omv3 was running on a Fujitsu D3417-B / Xeon with a HD-Systemdisk and SoftRaid5 3x HD WD Red 8TB.
    I installed omv4 on a D3410-B2 / Celeron / SSD-Systemdisk M2 4xPCIe NVMe almost without any quirks. Biggest "issue": no ip-adress after reboot from install -> cmd 'ip a s' showed there was an IP-adress thow it was not announced on the log-in-screen). Everything I could solve by searching the Forum. NVMe was not possible with omv3. Great success of omv4! Then I plugged the three SoftRaid5 HDs and could integrate them without any hussle !!! Great success of omv4!

    Thanx for the gread job done with omv 4 !!!


    omv 5.2.5-1 + extras
    Mainboard Fujitsu D3417-B
    CPU Xeon E3-1245v5; RAM 32GB
    System SSD M.2 PCIex4 128GB
    2x HDD WD Red 8TB; 1x extern USB HDD Toshiba 16TB (MG08ACA16TE)
    PowerSupply 300W 80+
    USV Schneider APC CS 350
    idle 27W, nominal 35W, max 150W

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