NFS and ZFS: Access Denied By Server

  • Resolution: Apparently NFS doesn't like the "all hosts" subnet of, I was able to find this out by looking at the journal of the service nfs-mountd which was complaining of "refused mount request from for /export/movies (/export/movies): unmatched host" since it was interpreting as an actual subnet. Silly me.

    I'm now trying to get NFS to work so that I can get Kodi working on my Nvidia Shield. I know NFS is a little wonky with ZFS and you have to mount the datasets themselves, and not the root of the pool (for example sharing /mnt/storage, won't make /mnt/storage/movies accessible). So after some momentary confusion in the NFS GUI ("select the device you want, now select the path you want", since my device is my path I figured out I had to put / for the path) I have my share exported, and it's visible, I just can't mount it on my laptop and I can't figure out why. I know the Arch wiki suggests using bind mounts for ZFS, but I never had to do that and I've always just exported the directories/datasets directly and had no issues.

    [bran@mediavault ~]$ cat /etc/exports

    local mount and bind mounts

    [bran@mediavault ~]$ mount|grep movies
    storage/movies on /mnt/storage/movies type zfs (rw,noatime,xattr,noacl)
    storage/movies on /export/movies type zfs (rw,noatime,xattr,noacl,_netdev)
    storage/movies on /sharedfolders/movies type zfs (rw,noatime,xattr,noacl)

    The bind mount is clearly accessible on the host

    [bran@mediavault ~]$ ls /export/movies/X2\ \(2003\)/
    X2 (2003) Remux-2160p.mkv

    Yet it refuses to mount from my laptop for some reason

    There are no errors in dmesg or journalctl on either my laptop or OMV so I'm at a loss currently.

  • I saw a similar blunder (mount.nfs: get to denied by server while mounting...) and the issue was fixed by - o v3 choice as follows:
    $ sudo mount - o v3 a-nfs-server:/way/to/send out/way/to/mount
    Server is Ubuntu 14.04 64bit LTS.
    Customer is CentOS 6.5 64bit.

    Kodi Lucky Patcher nox

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