Active Directory / FQDN / name resolve issue

  • Hi,
    I followed this thread Guide to OMV 4 Active Directory Integration and successfully (almost) joined AD (Samba4 on Univension Corporate Server).
    This means I can see AD users and groups on OMV and can share file/folders.

    But still OMV FQDN ins't resolved in LAN. I think this prevent me from access shares via OpenVPN.

    After joining AD I noticed that DNS Forward Zone on computer account in Univension Corporate Server is empty unlike other computers successfully joined AD (mydomain.intranet).

    I set up hostname (omv) and domain (mydomain.intranet) left realm and joined again - no success.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    While joining realm join returns something like this:

    Using fully qualified name: omv

    But FQDN should be something like:

    Using fully qualified name: omv.mydomain.intranet

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